Ashley Maxfield’s Third Strike

Looking at an injury-free Revelstoke comp

Third time is the charm, right? Ashley Maxfield is hoping that's true in her third round of the FWT at Revelstoke.

The Vermont-born, SLC-based skier has been unlucky in her last two appearances. She's gotten hurt both times. In 2011, she skied down the venue with a face full of blood after breaking her nose on the landing of a jump."

I punched in and did the classic knee to face," she says. "I knocked myself out, got up and was like, "Where am I? Oh yeah I'm competing."

Last year she blew her knee part way through her run. "It was the worst injury of the comp last year," she says. "But I skied all the way down on one ski. It was through avie debris, it was gnarly."

This year, coming off a third place finish on the Freesking World Tour, despite the knee injury, she's hoping for an injury free run. And she stands a chance to do well against the European competitors, and her fellow Americans if she does.