Connor Pelton skis four countries in six days
The Freeride World Tour crew tends to keep a low profile when it comes to season edits, but American Connor Pelton decided to gift us something special this week with a season edit filmed over a whopping six days. Granted, those six days cover four countries and a whole ton of pow. If only we could all have a weeklong ski season like this.

Forest Service planning massive ski expansion for…Vegas?!
Alta isn't the only ski resort getting nods of approval from the U.S. Forest Service these days. Just an hour drive from Sin City, Lee Canyon (formerly known as Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort) has announced $35 million in upgrades in conjunction with the Forest Service, including doubling the ski area's acreage, adding chairlifts, and even snowmaking to one of skiing's most unique resort locales. The public has 45 days to comment on the initiative, but so far little opposition has stepped forward. Viva Ski Vegas.

Ski it if you…want?

Hot tip: Spotify's ski movie music archive
For those tired of playing the guessing game with Spotify's Discover Weekly (I listened to Enya one time, guys, ONE TIME!), a valiant ski nerd has made life a whole lot easier, compiling a whole smorgasbord of playlists from our favorite ski flicks. From Shanghai Six to War and beyond, SkiMovieMusic has the perfect balance of tune-age to get us through shoulder season. Skiers are the best.

Tunes for turns.

Three East Coast ski hills penalized for child labor
Not the best look for the Ice Coast this week as Jiminy Peak, Bromley, and Cranmore were nailed with fines for violating child labor laws last season. In total, 44 kids age 14 to 15 were employed across the three resorts working either over eight hours on non-school days or three hours on school days. Hopefully, after a $21,000 fine, that will be the end of that. If not, I have three or four buddies that still think they are 15 that would gladly pick up a shift or two. Holler.

So, Finland gets weird
If you had to invite one wild card to your pre-season party, Finland should probably be your first call. Swamp skiing in heels—now a thing.