Alyeska Resort Hosts World Comp Qualifier On The North Face

March 24, 2010 (Girdwood, Alaska) – Alyeska Resort has successfully hosted the qualifying run of the Alyeska World Comp. Over fifty competitors in alpine, telemark and snowboard divisions faced off on Alyeska's North Face today. Over a foot of new snow and partly cloudy weather created great conditions for the qualifying run. The qualifier was mandatory for skiers or snowboarders who had not placed in top finishing spots at the previous competitions in the series at either Alpine Meadows or Crested Butte.

“It was a great first day, with the Junior Alpine Men showing some of the strongest skiing in the venue," said head judge Nate Greenburg, "Everything went well and we look forward to seeing competitors step it up on the Headwall and Alyeska’s bigger terrain in the next few days of the competition.”

Tomorrow's venue for the competition, weather permitting, will be on the Headwall, and each competitor will get one run.  The competition is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m.

Qualifier Resultsjosh-randich-at-start1
Womens' Telemark
1. Brooke Edwards                 73 points

Womens' Alpine
1. Cami Cabana                     127 points

2. Emilie Fetscher                   98 points

Womens' Snowboard
1. Dee Hurley                         113 points

2. Sarah Taylor                       87 points
3. Marnie Hamilton               86 points

Mens' Telemark
1. Ryan Davis                          110 points

2. Eric Nyce                            109 points

3. Tom Murphy                      92 points

Mens' Alpine
1. Aaron Long                        140 points

2. Josh Randich                      136 points

3. Ryan Anderson                  132 points

Mens' Alpine Juniorschecking-the-line-at-start2
1. Tucker Jonas                       130 points

2. Tanner Cabana                  128 points

3. Max Durtschi                     127 points

Mens' Alpine Masters
1. Joe Schumacher                 106 points

Mens' Snowboard
1. Toby  Englert                      122 points

2. Gabriel Gibbs                      113 points

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