This movie about 1974 Freestyle Skiing looks awesome
Is Winter Equinox the greatest ski movie of all time? An inside look at the 1974 Freestyle Skiing competition scene makes me think I've been doing it all wrong all of these years. Can somebody please dig this up and get it into Powder Awards?

Beartooth Highway gap jump gets best news report ever
They just don't make news reports like this anymore: Bewildered flatlanders trying to explain skiers hitting a road gap, bewildered flatlanders trying to explain said ski jump (an ice block jump!?), flailing amateur ski footage, and even a confused Australian tourist to put a delightful accent on the video masterpiece. Seriously, I'm in love.

Vail requires state approval for New Hampshire takeover
Not so fast, folks, it looks like the unstoppable force hit a bit of a speed bump this week when New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald stated that the deal linking Vail Resorts with Mount Sunapee cannot go through until the state Department of Natural and Cultural Resources approves the deal. The state held a public information session Tuesday, but as of this report, no further details on the deal have been published.

Animated view of Swiss Mountain Rescue history
As adorable as it is informative, here is a brief history of everyone's favorite snow pet: The Swiss Mountain Rescue Dog and the rest of the Swiss Mountain Rescue team.