New Team

The last few years have been a great time at The Levitation Project, but its about to get a whole lot better. With a few additions to the ski team we now have Rachael Burks, Julian Carr, Dan Treadway, Bryce Phillips, Colby James Albino,Elyse Saugstad, Jamey Parks, Cody Townsend and Mike Wilson. We are stoked to have everybody on the team and are starting to work on next years all ski film-with a crew like this its going to be entertaining and of course FREE. Also when you are starting to buy your Christmas presents check out to see our webisodes.  Than check out for more updates


Colby James at Squaw Valley Ca.


Cody Townsend in South America

dant_d_149.jpg Dan Treadway, Brighton Utah

rachael_b_239.jpg Rachael Burks testing out some new base-layers, Mica Creek BC

jcarr_d_506.jpg Julian Carr doing a “fire test”