Watch Markus Eder absolutely slay his line at the 2013 FWT stop in Courmayeur, Italy.

Matchstick Productions' new guy is Italian Stallion Markus Eder. Eder showed incredible persistence this year, from recovering from a broken knee to the misfortunes that unfolded during his shoot with MSP this year and grabbing a win on the Freeride World Tour in Courmayeur, Italy. He is, without a doubt, one of the sport’s most promising new talents.

MSP producer, Michael Hans agrees. "Several of the other athletes who we work with said that he'd be a great guy to have along on a trip, so we invited him to Alaska in the spring, Hans says. "He backed up all the hype with some pretty incredible skiing, and we’re looking forward to getting him on some more trips in the near future."

Meet Markus Eder. PHOTO: Courtesy Red Bull

POWDER: How did you get called up to the big leagues? To shoot with MSP? What did you do when you found out?
Markus Eder: I was traveling around doing comps like the Red Bull Linecatcher and the Swatch Skiers Cup. I met a bunch of riders like Cody Townsend and Richard Permin who are and have filmed with MSP for quite a few years. I guess they were stoked about my riding because they suggested me to MSP. Finally this March I got a call asking if I’d like to go to AK with them. It didn’t take me a second to respond. I didn’t really tell anyone about it in case I effed it up since European pow is a little different.

How was the experience?
Everything you see in movies of AK looks like it’s a baby's toy compared to how it really is. Not knowing if the cliff you want to jump is five or 20 meters once you drop into a line makes you a little nervous, and that’s just one of many things to watch out for. Seeing Cody tear his ACL and Richie crash into a rock wall completely f**ked with my mind. All the sudden I was by myself with the sickest film crew at probably the sickest AK spot ever with little experience. But once I came into the right mood and did some good lines it worked out really well.

How was it being the "new guy" to the crew?
Obviously there where a couple of things I didn’t really have a clue of, like the proper use of beacon and probe or how little it takes to end up in a horrible crash, but I never really had the feeling of being the “new guy.” MSP is such a fun crew.

Eder at Red Bull Linecatcher: PHOTO: Courtesy Red Bull

What's your favorite moment in skiing?
It's when you get that crazy feeling when you suddenly achieved something that you’ve just been dreaming of. It's probably happened to me only three or four times in my whole skiing career. Like when I ended up first at the Nine Knights and second at the Red Bull Linecatcher as a complete rookie. And suddenly having the opportunity to film with MSP totally fits in this list.

What's next for you?
I dragged some meniscus problems along with me during the end of the winter so for now I’m doing a bit of rehab. Once it feels okay again I will go straight back on snow to shred some slushy jumps and rails. If everything works out I’ll head to New Zealand for the Slopestyle World Cup in August.

Who do you like to ride with?
I prefer shredding with my friends back home; I don’t get to see them often and it’s way too much fun once I’m there. When I’m traveling I have the most fun skiing with Roy Kittler or the Swiss guys.

Who's your favorite skier?
I don’t really have a favorite skier at the moment, but the new generation like ABM, Kai Mahler, Parker White, or Vinnie kills it.

From big mountain comp lines to stylish park hits, the Italian stallion swings and connects. PHOTO: Courtesy Red Bull

What's your favorite place to ski and why?
It's definitely my home resort Klausberg. It's not big but we have a great snowpark and freaking good pow too. But what makes it different to the other resorts is that my friends and I have been skiing there our whole lives so we know pretty much every square meter of the resort.

How did you injure your knee at Val Senales?
That year I had been skiing all winter long and also in the summer nonstop on glaciers in NZ and Chile. I was a little tired and needed a break, but I still kept skiing and made a stupid mistake in Val Senales. I did a few five's but before I really figured out the speed I tried a dub twelve and overshot… I just wasn't thinking as much as I usually do.

What are your sentiments towards the injury?
It sucks. I broke my knee as I still have some problems with it, but other than that I came back stronger than I've been before. In the first few weeks I learned some tricks that I wouldn’t have done before the injury. I learned a bunch of right side spins and my first switch right dub 10. At the end of the season I finally did a switch dub 14 after a season with 90 percent freeriding. My mindset before the injury was kind of like “F**k it, let’s try it tomorrow,” so I never did anything new. The injury changed that for me. It wasn't obvious anymore to be skiing everyday and once I got back on snow I had to try it.

Are you more about winning titles or shooting for films?
Winning comps is definitely a good feeling and I want to keep it that way for now. I'm a little successful at it. But filming is definitely something I want to do more in the next years. I never really had a segment I was fully proud of, but I hope I can change that soon.

When you're not on the snow what are you doing?
It seems like I’m having a new/old passion every year. Last year I restarted skateboarding after a break of five years. This year I started climbing again. I bought a trampoline with a friend. And in the summer I try to catch some waves, which I’m not really successful at but it's fun.

How would you describe your style?
That’s a hard one… Pass.

Who has influenced you as a skier?
Candide Thovex. He brought so much creativity to the Candide Invitational and coming back from such a big injury is a good inspiration. But overall I respect him for being a quiet guy and letting his way of skiing talk.

If you had to live without either women, beer, or skiing which would it be?
To choose beer over women or skiing you need to be quite an alcoholic.

Eder is focused on the future. Keep an eye out for this kid's segment in MSP's fall release. PHOTO: Courtesy Red Bull


Nickname: Makke
Hometown: Luttach in Ahrntal, Italy
Home Resort: Klausberg
Age: 22
Age Started Skiing: 4
Sponsors: Red Bull, The North Face, Swatch, Völkl Skis, Marker Bindings, Smith Optics, F-Tech Snowpark Constructions, Dalbello Boots
Films: Lifelong (Aestivation), In Space (Junkies On A Budget), GONZO (Gipsy Feelin)
Titles: 1st Nine Knights (2010), 1st SFR Tour (2011), 2nd Red Bull Linecatcher (2011), 1st Swatch Skiers Cup (2011 & 2013),1st World Heli Challenge (2012), and 1st FWT Courmayeur (2013)