A denim-clad Rob Heule. PHOTO ASHLEY BARKER.

Rob Heule knows a thing or two about denim (that's a Canadian thing, right?). Rob Heule also knows a thing or two about skiing. The former earned him "Best Dressed" in middle school. The latter earned him the final segment in Voleurz' new flick Kill Your Boredom and the nod as this week's new guy.

How did filming this past season go?

This past season was one of the most rewarding I’ve had. I made the decision at the start of the winter to cut back a little on the contest thing and focus my efforts on what gives me the most satisfaction, filming. I shredded hard from December to April, and ended up with the last part in this year’s film. I couldn’t be happier with the way things went. I’d attribute that to my friends I rode with all winter.

If there were anything you’d do differently from last year, what would it be?
Learning from last year I’d like to have a home base closer to Whistler/Vancouver. I spent the majority of my winter commuting back and forth between Calgary and B.C., and it makes for a lot of driving. Big thanks to the guys at 7449 in Whistler for letting me sleep on the couch all winter and live out of my van in the driveway all summer. You guys are the best.

How was the premiere at IF3?

We had a great response to the film! From the sounds of the crowd, everybody’s favorite part was the intro (skier vs. boarder) battle scene. That’s Darren Rayner’s masterpiece. He comes up with these amazing ideas in his head and knows how to transform them onto film. It's a pleasure to be a part of his projects and learn a thing or two along the way.

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If there’s one skier you want to party with at a premiere, who is it?

Sarah Burke. I never got the chance to meet Sarah, but from everything I’ve heard, she brought the party to life, literally.

You ski everything, park, pipe, urban, big mountain, so who do you look to as your influence?

Growing up my favorite skier was Anthony Boronowski; he encouraged me to be a versatile skier. I looked up to him because he had a very unique way of skiing, with a focus on style. Nowadays, skiing is so caught up with who landed the latest triple cork, that focus on style has been overlooked by a lot of people. Right now I have a lot of respect for people who aren’t afraid to go their own way and pursue what they love. Phil Casabon is a perfect example. He gave up his spot on the Canadian National team to push skiing in the direction he envisions. That’s a huge sacrifice, but look how much credibility he’s gained from his film projects.

Rob Heule at Camp of Champs, where he makes new friends. PHOTO: ASHLEY BARKER

I keep hearing about your “Spanish connection.” Can you explain that a little bit?
Ahh, the Spaniards. Yes. Quite a few summers ago we did a Joystick week up at Camp of Champs, and I met Jaime Puigdengoles and Pako Benguerel. I helped them a little with their English, and we made friends pretty quickly. Since then we’ve been meeting in New Zealand to ski during the summers and doing trips back and forth to ski with each other. Last winter, I had four of those dirtbags come stay in my basement, which made for a pretty entertaining week. I’m so thankful for all the awesome people I’ve become friends with, because we share the love for skiing.

I noticed you rock jeans in a lot of your park segments, what’s the deal? Style taking over the slopes?
You know what, it's just fun. I wore my jeans skiing in the summer awhile back, and I haven’t ever gone back. Anybody who’s ever skied in the old Canadian tuxedo knows what I’m talking about. I read an amazing article on the top reasons to ski in denim, so I might as well re-list them for you:

1. You are ready for apr├Ęs the instant you take off your boots.
2. A form-fitting pair of jeans is both flattering and less wind-resistant.
3. It's practical. Jeans allow you to wear one outfit for every situation. You can ski, work manual labor, and take your best gal out on the town all in the same outfit.

The North Face is making some fitted denim snowpants for the upcoming winter, maybe not quite as legit as real jeans, but a little more functional let me tell yah. That’s what I’ll be rockin’ all winter.