Khai Krepela, blades off. PHOTO: COURTESY KHAI KREPELA

Khai Krepela took a break from filming his own Brink sequel in downtown Park City to devote some time to his first segment in Toy Soldier Productions' third installment, Act Natural. Check out what the rail wizard has to say about filming and traveling with the TSP crew in this week's "New Guy."

What was it like going from two shots in last year's movie to a whole segment in this year's film?
It was pretty crazy because it was my first time trying to shoot a whole part, not just a day edit. I really started taking a look at what I wanted my segment to do, and get the shots to go along with it. [TSP] helped me out by telling me which trips I should go on, and which ones would go more towards what I wanted in the end.

What was your favorite trip this year?
Duluth, Minnesota. We went out there for two weeks in February, and Duluth had so many spots it was ridiculous. We didn't get busted by the cops once. We stayed at Austin Torvinen's house and his parents made us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Everyone got shots; everyone was stoked. The only bad part was that I broke my arm, I swan-dived to asphalt off a rail.

What's something the average viewer will never know about filming a ski segment?
It takes a long time and a lot of dedication and patience. It's not just getting "the shot', it's getting enough shots that you can throw some away. I'm pretty new to it all, so I'm still figuring stuff out.

What music are you listening to when you're hitting urban features?
I don't listen to music when I ski. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but I like the sounds of skiing. If I had to though, I'd bump Dropkick Murphy's. Irish music gets me pumped up!

You've got style when it comes to rails, but what's a style or fashion accessory you'd like to see brought to the ski hill?
I'm personally a big fan of skinny jeans, I don't have them myself, but I like to rock tighter clothes. I like the fitting style, a tall jacket, but not a wide one. It's not like you need to act like you're anybody but yourself. You don't have to act like a gangster or a punk, just do whatever feels right, the same way you would outside of skiing.

I hear you're a pro inline skater. If you had to battle Ashley Battersby for skating supremacy in the Park City Skate Park, what tactics are you using? What's your X factor?
Yeah I was more a semi-pro. She has style, it's going to be hard to beat Ashley. I guess I'd just one-up her on everything, like when we used to skate back in the day.

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