North Carolina Big Mountain Skiing. PHOTO: MATT POWERS

Boone, North Carolina's biggest ski name since, umm, ever, Charlie Owens grew up terrorizing Appalachian Mountain and the (South) East Coast. Along the way he met up with the bros at Stept Productions, and filmed his first full segment in this year's Stept film The Eighty Six, to earn the nod as this week's New Guy.

So how does a dude from Boone, North Carolina, hook up with the guys at Stept?
I met Nick Martini through Salomon Jib Academy. One of the first years they did it, they had a stop at Appalachian, my home mountain, and Nick was one of the guest coaches. I won Jib Academy at my mountain and went to Mammoth and got more involved with the crew there. Nick was stoked on my skiing and wanted me to hang out with them.

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Tell me about your trip to Minnesota

I took my first trip to the Midwest to film this season and my car ended up breaking down on the way out there. Sucked real bad. It overheated on the way there, but I managed to drive it all around Fargo and the steep streets of Duluth. She made it the whole trip, but on the way back I only made it 15 miles outside of Duluth before she shut down on me. The trip was good, I ended up getting the closing shot for my segment, so it was worth it, but I had to pay almost $2,000, which was seriously detrimental to my budget.

Yeah, how are you paying those bills in the off season?
Right now I'm working full time at Whole Foods down the street, just trying to save all the money I can. Yeah, I'm barely scraping by each month. Skiing this winter I was living like a bum pretty much just getting gas station food and dollar menus, but it seemed to all work out, so I'm not complaining.

What would you change from this season if you could do it over?

The whole season, or the beginning at least, I was really stressing about my knee. I didn't get as much done in preseason because I was vexed and nervous about hurting my knee. I had a lot of opportunities on features that I kind of gave up and let other people like Clayton Vila and Cam Riley take over. That's something I regret a lot because if I had taken those opportunities, I could have maybe produced a segment like they produced. I know next year will be different because I'm not coming off an injury so it's going to be game-on.

How are people going to remember you from this movie?
I appreciate creativity and style in a segment, so I'd want people to be inspired to hit urban and try and do what we're doing. I want kids to see that there's more to skiing than skiing in the park. There's a whole different way of doing what we do.. I just want people to try and appreciate the work that we're doing because it's not easy and it takes a full season to put this all together. It's not a game.