McLean and Garre Head to Alaska for 'Spring Break'


Just when everyone else is heading to Sayulita to avoid the spring mud fest, Andrew McLean and Kip Garre head north to Alaska, separately, but of the same mind: To find deep snow and ski big lines.

Andrew's Hot Spot: Wrangell-Saint Elias & the Revelations

Andrew spent the last week in the Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and Preserve calling in via SAT phone to give us his daily snow and ski report. Check out his daily dispatches from Week #1 here. Andrew's been skiing and touring a lot, but there's something new every day including an impromptu, lunch-time wedding at Iceberg Lake. The wedding was celebrated with another run and a 4,000-ft vertical descent.

Week #2 has just begun. Listen in as Andrew meets up with fellow Mountain Hardwear athlete Noah Howell for some "spring skiing" in the Revelation Mountains in the Alaska Range.

Track Andrew's Alaskan Expedition on his website:


Kip Takes a Trip to Mt. Hunter (Denali's southern neighbor)

Kip is off to the Alaska Range as well, but his aim is to climb and ski Mt. Hunter, Denali's neighbor eight miles to the south. You can expect a full report upon his return, but in the meantime, get to know Kip a little better with this recent Q and A: