Michelle Parker On Real Women Video

McConkey influenced the MSP-produced edit for inaugural ESPN competition

Michelle Parker is the reigning winner of the Best Female Performance title from the Powder Video Awards. PHOTO: RYAN DUNFEE

The X Games are hosting one of the growing number of digital video-based contests that match the live competitions in terms of raw talent, and give a chance for the kind of athletes whose careers aren't based around contests to get in on the action and the prize money. But Real Women has a very different format from the men's contest, with athletes from different sports competing against each other in the bracket format. Michelle Parker's currently in a close first-round battle with snowboarder Jess Kimura, while Ingrid Backstrom is duking it out with a slim margin against big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira.

We hit up Parker to get the skinny on her Matchstick-produced edit and her feeling on the contest.

Where did you guys film this year?
The edit was almost completely filmed in the Whistler and Pemberton backcountry. There are a couple of shots from Chatter Creek, as well.

How has it been with MSP this year?

It’s been great as usual. I love the crew and I love working with all the different cinematographers on the trips. They are all awesome, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with MSP. The weather didn’t work out to our benefit at times, and it was tough to really get the ball rolling as far as the season goes, but in the end, it was another great season and I’m totally stoked on the time I got to spend exploring B.C. with Matchstick.

When did you start throwing backies?
This year was pretty much my first year. I learned front flips first and have always been more comfortable doing that, but backies are so much fun. Love them.

What has been the biggest success skiing-wise this winter, and also filming wise?
My biggest success skiing this year has been gaining more knowledge in the mountains. I’ll probably continue to say that every year I ski. The more experience and knowledge I have out there, the better off I am in the mountains.

What do you think of Jess Kimura’s entry?
Jess Kimura's entry is awesome, and I think it’s rad how different two similar sports can be. That’s an interesting aspect about this contest. How do you compare all these different sports? Really stoked on everyone's entries.

Are you dreaming of a head to head final with Ingrid?
Right now, I just hope to make it to the next round of voting. I’ve never been great at online voting contests…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Of course it would be super cool if Ingrid and I made it to the final round. I would love having two skiers push through until the end.

Why, in such a short edit, did you guys decide to throw in the little Matchstick signature skits instead of squeezing in more skiing?
To be perfectly honest…my edit was filmed in about a week’s worth of time. With a late start and unfavorable snow conditions on my first trip, it was tough to pull it all together. That’s one thing about filming big mountain…we are so dependent on weather, snowpack, snow, and all things coming together. The amount of days that you actually have on snow and filming because of that are minimal. Every day counts, and luckily in the end I got a good little stretch where things came together.

I also really wanted to keep it lighthearted and funny. Always looking up to Shane [McConkey] certainly has influenced this edit in that way. Plus, it was really fun shooting the silly parts of this edit. A leaf blower? Are you serious? It was hard to hold a duck face for long enough for a shot without laughing. Hopefully people can appreciate the humor and a little insight into who I am. I really wanted to make it different and to make people laugh.