Meet Contestant Marcus Caston

Who has the best hair in skiing? Vote now in the Ski Town Hair Down.

For years we have watched professional skiers push the limits of time, space, and powder. What these skiers do is not easy. They do not achieve that level of athleticism, and the eternal glory it brings, by chance. It takes talent and drive to become a professional skier—but more than anything, it takes great hair.

The logical evolution of the event formerly known as the Ski Town Throwdown, the first annual Ski Town Hair Down will give eight professional skiers the chance to prove themselves in the most important competition in skiing. Who will become the first ever Ski Town Hair Down champion? You decide.

AGE: 27

WHO I HOPE TO BEAT: I've never even heard of the other guys.

UPCOMING PROJECTS: Warren Miller's "Here, There, and Everywhere," and I'll be releasing two personal projects this fall from Snowbird and Iceland.

HAIR CARE ROUTINE: Why don't you ask me about my pre-ski routine? I'm an athlete, damn it. Granted, a beautiful one, but still a damn athlete! You wouldn't ask Angel Collinson about her hair routine.

HOW MY HAIR HELPS ME SKI: The ancient Chinese believed that long hair gave you a better feeling for the snow. And I do have pretty good feeling on the snow.

HAIR LAST WASHED: Currently wet.

FAVORITE HAIR PRODUCT: I'm an athlete, dammit!