Few people in the world approach each day as a blank page, ready to write the story of their life’s ambitions day by day. Revered as the pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, Shane McConkey did just that. In the latest film from Red Bull Media House in association with Matchstick Productions, “McConkey,” a 90-minute documentary in the making for years and due to be released in 2013, celebrates the life of one of the world’s ultimate innovators. Through his professional accomplishments, talent, irreverence, experience and unique outlook on life, Shane inspired countless others. His own life – shaped by complex and rewarding relationships – motivated him beyond the traditional comfort zones of his sports. A husband, a father, and a son, Shane’s enduring character and magnetic personality permeate still today despite his passing in 2009. “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams. Visit http://www.mcconkeymovie.com or http://www.shanemcconkey.org for updates.