‘This Is Japan,’ and It Is Beautiful

A short film by Mattias Evangelista

Japan is… street markets, storm days, face shots, ice bars, dogs, low-angle turns, sushi, ramen, foreign billboards, dogs, temples, seafood, birch trees, music, gondolas, vistas, beautiful ski turns, sprays of snow, cold nights, tree skiing, cat figurines, lanterns, vending machines, face masks, monkeys, vans…

Or that’s how Mattias Evangelista sees Japan.

Evangelista, whose home mountain is Mount Baker, has visited Japan twice. His first visit in 2015, he was in front of the camera. His second visit in 2016, he was behind the camera. With all the edits that come out of Japan, his main goal was to put together something a little bit different.

“I was doing a lot of filming with the edit in mind,” says Evangelista. “Going into it, I knew the style of edit I was going for and it required a lot of speed changes and using the natural environment—trees, cars, people, etc—to create seamless transitions between scenes. I shot almost all of it on a gimbal which really allowed me to get the camera moves I needed to create the smoothest transitions possible. I also really wanted the edit to have a consistent flow and almost a chaotic feel, something that really reflects the culture.”

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