What is Matt Walker DoING?

This summer, we asked athletes what they’re up to, and what’s been catching their eyes, ears, stomachs, and hearts. First up: Matt Walker


The last movie I saw was American Beauty. It is an extremely weird movie but I strangely enjoyed it. The acting is superb and the story is intelligent and mysterious. This movie reminded me what a great movie feels like to watch. I recommend it.

The last book I read was the Tao of Wu, by RZA. It chronicles the Wu-Tang Clan's journey from the Staten Island Projects to one of the most famous hip-hop groups of all time. RZA is a devout student of knowledge and constantly learns in every aspect of his life. He does a wonderful job conveying these lessons to the hip-hop generation. I love his insights on spirituality, flow, life, self and society. RZA is truly a wise, enlightened person.

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Walker at Breck from Stept Productions on Vimeo.

When I was 20, I had a sore lower back from the trampoline so I tried to loosen it up via yoga. It worked. My back hasn't been tight since. Plus, my flexibility improved as did my overall strength, muscle control, and balance. Yoga also taught me techniques to clear my mind and focus, which helps with balance and flows. A clear mentality is very useful and I am starting to use these techniques in my everyday life.

I frequent social media sites; Twitter is my favorite. I have also been into instragram lately – @shaunwhitesyke Beyond those, I love stumbleupon and hypem. Hypem is a music blog aggregator, it has a top rated section for music blogs that refreshes every three days, and it's a great way to find new tunes.

The last thing I bought was a pair of soccer shoes. I play pick up soccer in the summer and realized I needed a new pair of boots. I went to a second hand sports store in Boulder, but they had no used kicks in size 10, so I bought a pair of new soccer shoes for $29. They are ugly (probably why they're at Use It Again) but very comfy and light.

EatING and DrinkING
Lately, I have been a fan of Coconut water. I usually get the ZICO bottles at 7-11 or a grocery store. I also got Rockstar to send me their version of Coconut Water, which adds some caffeine. Earlier this spring I found the greatest morning drink known to man. It’s made by MorningStar farms and is called Green Drink. It's a slurpee-esque blend of chard, kale, collard greens, grapefruit, apples and other fruits and vegetables.It will cleanse you into champion status quickly.

The last party I attended was Bassnectar and Flying Lotus at Red Rocks. I guess, technically, it's a concert, but we went on a big party bus, so I am claiming it was a party.

Parov Stelar – Booty Swing: This is fifties-style swing style music produced with today's technology. Fantastic dance party music
Burial – Kindred: Burial is a formerly anonymous London producer influenced by garage and house but he is his own breed. Sounds of rain on pavement, metal on metal snares, unkempt bass and sorrowful vocals somehow whisper epicness.
Wu-Tang Clan – Diesel Fluid: Meth's opening verse is all time. Wu-Tang forever.
Claude Von Stroke – Ignorance is Bliss: Tech House at its finest, must listen with good headphones on.
Rainbow Arabia – Without You: Awesome vocals and production make this a great indie track. This is also the trailer song to the new Girl/Chocolate skate flick, which I am excited to see.

My favorite tweeter is @Diplo. He is a producer/DJ from Philly.
@Youngbrogeezy, aka Jon Brogan, aka the bluff master, is good for some laughs and headshakes.
@TheDalaiLama always had solid advice.
My favorite tweet recently was from Diplo: "Big up skidrow teen mom that jus stole 30 packets of honey from @starbucks. I saw u #hustlehard #usa #memorialday