Marketing Mike Nick

Mike Nick and I met in the Salt Lake City airport and immediately drove to an urban location between Brighton and Solitude to meet the Orage team. They had been building an urban pillow feature and when we arrived, Phil Casabon was ready to grab the bungee and show off for the shutter bugs. Unfortunately, after only one less-than-ideal crack at the feature, the bungee snapped. Mr. Nick, being an old school urban slayer himself, quickly found a solution. We rebuilt the take off into a wall ride and Mike decided to push his athletes into it for speed. Below is Mike pushing Taylor Seaton into the wall ride. Taylor got the shot. Mike got 5 stitches on his knee cap for falling onto a jagged rock. What other industry has marketing directors like this? The answer? None. -Rogge

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After snapping a bungee, Orage’s Mike Nick resorts to pushing Orage athlete Taylor Seaton into a wall ride. Taylor got the shot. Mike got 5 stitches in his knee.

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