Log Mahal Productions: ‘The Source’

Dudes consider La Niña, uproot from Taos, head to Baker, make feature-length movie

(Ed’s note: Log Mahal Productions recently released its second feature-length film, The Source. Here’s the film, and the backstory of LMP.)

By Cory Bixler

Log Mahal Productions was formed in the winter of 2010 by a core group of skiers who have an addiction for everything outdoors. The company is affectionately named for the cabin in which the crew lived for four years in the Valdez Valley of Taos, N.M.

"In the late fall of 2010 every snow forecast around pointed towards a La Niña season and staying in the southwest would be an awful idea. So we wondered what it would be like to uproot the Log Mahal crew and journey to the Pacific Northwest, to get to where Americas winter weather starts we started wondering what it could be like to get to ‘The Source,'” says Patrick Erwin, in the lead-in to our second feature film appropriately titled The Source.

I have to admit that it wasn't easy to just uproot from our original Log Mahal. It sat tucked away on 14 acres and backed up to the Carson National Forest. A short 8-mile drive or hitchhike in the back of a pickup and you are at Taos Ski Valley. We were lucky and hit it on some record-breaking years, but something just didn't seem right as the summer went on. With La Niña breathing down our back we had a hunch that New Mexico would be dry, and that got us thinking.

We sat around many evenings discussing whether to move and to where. We thought about Jackson, CB, Montana, B.C., etc. but something about Mt. Baker just seemed way more alluring. It's off the tourist track, an hour to Canada and very hard to access. It’s also family-owned like Taos, so not corporate. But best of all, it’s cheap. We decided to do a scouting mission, so we packed up a car and left New Mexico in search of the unknown. We hit Vegas for one night and spent most of the rest camping in national parks along the west coast, making a slow journey to the PNW.

So many good things happened on the way that by the time we got to Glacier, Wash., we knew this was the place for us. First night in town a Glacier local invited us to stay in her treehouse overlooking the river, then had us in the main house in the a.m. for a big welcome breakfast. She passed on contacts for possible seasonal rentals and we were on our way. We wound up in a 100 year-old one bedroom mining cabin right on the Mt. Baker highway backing up to the national forest. Log Mahal 2.0 is born! This was a ski bum’s paradise: rent totaled $500, split five ways, and the mountain with the most recorded snowfall in history was at our fingertips on a La Niña season.

So with cameras in hand, our rogue crew just uprooted everything in search of the bottomless deep. Which we found over and over again. We met some amazing talent and some very dedicated skiers on this adventure and can't wait to do it again this season where we'll have the new Log Mahal in Silverton, Colo. Enjoy the film!