Livin’ on the Edge


Fresh off a delayed flight home (who knew pilots couldn’t start planes in negative 30 degree weather?), Anthony and I hopped into the Ford Edge and are en route to the big show, the 2011 Powder Video Awards. We’re stoked!

Song of the moment:


Viva Las Vegas! What better way to celebrate six hours on the road than a quick stop at In N’ Out Burger. Mmm. Mmm. Double-Double Animal Style!

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Random thought from the road: “If this Edge was the Delorean from Back to the Future, would it naturally time travel to forward or backward through time”

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That’s it for the first day. Stopping off in middle of nowhere Utah. This might be where they filmed Deliverance. Everything in this town is owned by a guy named Al. Al’s Truck Stop. Al’s Diner. Al’s Bar. Al’s Beauty Shop. Let’s hope Al is a nice guy.

Song of the moment


Denver, onward! We might make this trip in record time. Google Maps says this trip takes 18 hours. We might make it 16. What will be do with that extra two hours? A helpful hint is in the Song of the Moment section…

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Denver. Victory is ours. Anthony is here for the night then off to Aspen for the 2011 Powder Video Awards and X Games. This is where I jump off the Edge. Get it? Quick, painless and easy. That’s what she said. There’s something about ending a road trip that makes me feel like Charlie Conway scoring the winning goal in the Disney Classic the Mighty Ducks. We are the Champions!