PHOTO: David Reddick

A few things we really like: skiing powder, compelling stories, fascinating characters, sarcasm and hyperbole, drinking beer, having fun, and magazines that, after reading them, make you feel like you’re a part of a special community.

That’s what we’re trying to foster here at POWDER. We want to entertain and inform skiers, while creating a community around those whose passion is this rich sport. The first issue of our 46th volume—the September Buyer’s Guide—comes out next month. Last year was our most successful editorial year ever—we were nominated for two National Magazine Awards—but we think the stories we have for the six issues we’ll publish this fall and winter are even better.

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Another thing we really like is daffies. (In fact we think it’s the best trick one can do on skis.) Pay a little more and we’ll send you one of these limited-edition T-shirts featuring one of life’s greatest joys. Still want more from POWDER? This fall, we’re introducing a membership program called Deep Powder. It will include exclusive deals, POWDER co-labs with top brands, and access to POWDER events. Stay tuned for more on that.

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We thank you for your support. Long live daffies. Long live beer. Long live print. Long live great storytelling. Long live powder skiing.