The best of the best in freeskiing kicked off the season this past weekend at Breckenridge Ski Resort during the 2015 Dew Tour. The resort saw a foot of snowfall over the weekend, and the slopestyle and pipe events saw an impressive showing from both veteran and first-time competitors. Here’s how the competition shook out:

Women's superpipe Most of the ladies struggled to deliver clean first runs, but Japanese Olympian Ayana Onozuka threw down an unblemished lap and held onto her early advantage for the win. Canadian Cassie Sharpe followed a shaky first run by mixing a cork 900 with 540s in both directions, and U.S. Olympian Brita Sigourney turned it up with precise alley-oop 540s and 900s.

Ayana Onozuka 89.4

Cassie Sharpe 87.4

Brita Sigourney 85.0

Janina Kuzma 80.4

Rox Groenwoud 70.2

Annalisa Drew 48.2


Men’s superpipe Pipe podium vet David Wise surprised no one by stomping well-executed runs with a double cork 1260 mute and a 1080 blunt that showcased his technical skills. Beau-James Wells put down consistent runs with serious style that earned him his first Dew podium, and Coloradan Alex Ferreira pulled in behind Wells for a well-deserved third.

David Wise 91.6

Beau-James Wells 90.4

Alexander Ferreira 88.6

Kevin Rolland 87.4

Byron Wells 84.4

Taylor Seaton 81.2


Women's slopestyle After the event was postponed due to weather, 13-year-old Estonian Kelly Sildaru beat out Norwegian skier Tiril Sjåstad and Swede Emma Dahlström, both veteran Dew Tour competitors. Sildaru’s technical run featured 720s and mirror-image switch 900s in both directions.

Kelly Sildaru 90.8

Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen 86

Emma Dahlström 83.4

Johanne Killi 77.2

Yuki Tsubota 74.2

Dara Howell 29.6


Men's slopestyle With a nearly flawless first run that set the bar high for a strong field of competition, slopestyle Olympian Gus Kenworthy proved his number one AFP world ranking and defended his 2014 victory. Jossi Wells came in behind Kenworthy with a stylish run including a switch double cork 1440, and rookie Fabian Bösch took third with the day's only triple cork.

Gus Kenworthy 92.2

Josiah Wells 90.0

Fabian Bosch 89.4

Joss Christensen 88.8

James Woods 88.4

Bobby Brown 88.2


The sport’s best athletes will take the next month to grease their rails and hone their style before appearing at the X-Games, which kick off January 28, 2016, in Aspen with the men’s superpipe comp. After sitting the Dew Tour out, freestyle champs Maddie Bowman and Nick Goepper plan to jump right back into the fray in January with the 46 other invited athletes.