With Europe experiencing record-hot temperatures, ranging from 116 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit the last few days, it snowed a foot on the Italian island of Sardinia last Thursday. There, 90-plus degree temperatures plummeted, causing a “snow blanket” that covered roads and buried cars.

Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere winter is off to a relatively decent start, with Portillo, Chile, reporting up to 8 new inches adding to the 122-inch year-to-date snowfall. Across the Andean border, Las Leñas is running all 14 lifts.

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But as wildfires rage across the American West—most notably, in Yosemite and northwest of Sacramento, where the Mendocino Complex fire, the size of Los Angeles, has become the largest wildfire in state history and that doesn’t even account for the Carr Fire in Redding, California, that destroyed 1,000 homes—and a Florida algae bloom ravages marine life due to a red tide in the Gulf of Mexico, skiers can’t help but feel this climate change-induced weather apocalypse is now the norm every summer.