Junk In The Truck: Oakley Echo Charlie Pack 2.0

Oakley’s mean, green, stuff-carrying machine

Oakley Echo Charlie 2.0 Backpack. Photo: Courtesy of Oakley

Words: Mike Rogge

Oakley makes a ton of products. Optics is their main game but with the Echo Charlie 2.0, they're giving the folks at backpack makers a run for their money. With three separate compartments, the pack fits my 15" Macbook, iPad, iPhone, water bottle, board shorts, towel, book, Frisbee, point-and-shoot camera, shades, peanut butter and banana sandwich, headphones, and, well, you get the idea. The pack has a ton of room for more but doesn't look like a stuffed and bloated turkey, a major gripe I have with most backpacks. This is a win for overhead compartments, backseats, and space-conscious folks everywhere.

Take note that this is not meant for backcountry travel though I'd be surprised if I couldn't fit a shovel in it. This pack is also not some over-the-shoulder, messenger bike, hipster fantasy, man bag like my esteemed editor, John Stifter, wrote about a few weeks ago. Instagram called. They want their My Chemical Romance-inspired pack back.

This pack is for long weekends, long nights, and impossible odds. And it's an excellent daily driver that's durable and light. I might start wearing it in the shower.

Mine is Atomic Green because shout out to Vermont, yo. The sunglasses case fits a nice pair of frogskins. Their backpacks may never be their primary focus, but with the Echo Charlie 2.0 Oakley has made a kickass backpack that is so spacious, the only problem you'll have is filling it.

$90; Oakley.com