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Jason Levinthal Talks TED

The twin tip pioneer and founder of J skis says, 'Think different.'

The best TED talks have a way of moving you to action, or at least making you think deeply about who you want to be, what you want to do, and the direction you hope to be heading. Watching Jason Levinthal’s talk about pioneering twin tip skis and running his first ski company Line, before starting J skis is no different.

Levinthal shares his story in a worth-your-while 15-minute TED talk that came out early this week. After 20 years in the industry, he has maintained a contagious passion for taking a different perspective on skiing. He lives by the logic, “If I want to land a big jump, I’m going to drop in with as much speed as possible.”

As he explains in the video, dropping in to ski manufacturing once looked like $360,000 of debt working out of his parents’ garage, with only $1,500 to his name.

But the big takeaway from the 15-minute talk: No body needs more of the same thing. Think different. Do what you love.

Watch for a cameo appearance by POWDER Magazine (January 2000) at minute 12. The cover photo by Bill Stevenson of Kris Ostness soaring over Mount Hood was one of the first twin tip shots to make it to the big time.

"That alone shot us to the moon," Levinthal says in the talk.