It’s On: Powder Week

Images and thoughts from skiing and frolicking in Jackson Hole

Photo: Tim Mutrie.

By Tim Mutrie

Leave it to the Powder Week rookie to write the piece about what it’s about… natch. So, said rookie enlisted esteemed Powder Magazine contributor Hansi Ludwig for the deep background, erstwhile snapping a few photos (and curating others) from the ongoing activities. Also, yes, we’re full-on here in Jackson Hole testing product and conducting reconnaissance-by-force ops on and around this prodigious and awesome resort.

" Day 1 & 2 Powder Week Gallery "

From Hansi: “Basically we go to Jackson to feed vampirically on the pure ski energy that the locals radiate. And get schooled by cubicle-dwelling product managers like Brad Holmes and Willy Booker. The mountain is awesome, the nightlife fun as hell, but I go to Jackson to hang with the locals and all the great people we bring in. It’s like an intensive five-day clinic on How To Be Awesome. It’s also the one time we get to hang out and ski together without some stupid event or photo shoot going on, and to check out the new gear without any marketing bullshit. With all the noise and hype in the ski world today, Powder Week is a chance for a hundred or so people who work in the heart of it to reconnect with the stuff that got us into The Industry in the first place, and for one week, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world, we shred, smile, high-five, and apres-ski like there’s no tomorrow.”