It Is Dumping in Portillo

South America hit hard with fresh, deep snow

This morning Portillo ski resort reported 25 inches of snowfall in the last 24 hours. That means over one inch of accumulation per hour, which in basic terms means that it is dumping. The snow fell on top of an additional 22 inches in the week prior at the Chilean ski resort situated near Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains. Here's the kicker: Portillo is forecasted for 59 more inches of snow today and tonight. That’s 59 inches, 5 feet, 150 centimeters—no matter how you measure it, that is an absolutely unreal amount of snow. Reports are that the lifts are shut down due to the weather, but the turns sure will be sweet when the weather allows.

Farther to the south, the ski areas above Santiago, Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and La Parva, reported 24 inches in the past 24 hours, with more on the way there as well. South America was host to an abnormally dry start to winter up until the season began to turn around in the latter half of July.

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