Sean Pettit and Superproof's new film is a critique on recruiting for the ski industry, meant to get people talking. PHOTO: Superproof

Sean Pettit and Superproof’s new film is a critique on recruiting for the ski industry, meant to get people talking. PHOTO: Superproof

It's been a little over six months since Sean Pettit introduced his new age production company, Superproof Inc., to the ski world psyche, promising an alternative to the status quo in ski cinema. It's also been about six months since Pettit actually skied, just recently returning to snow after torn ligaments in his ankle ended his season last December.

So how has the new production crew fared in its first year without its key player in front of the lens? Pretty well, actually.

While Pettit recovered on the sidelines, he added names like Max Hill, Joe Schuster, and ski movie legend Corey Vanular to an already stacked lineup of Superproof skiers—namely brother Callum Pettit, Mike Henituk, Josh Stack, and Leigh Powis (who also doubles as Superproof's editing mastermind). Pettit's absence onscreen has increased his influence off of it, helping the young star ramp up the creative side of Superproof and turn the company into a valid operation.

Now with ski movie season just around the corner, POWDER caught up with Mr. Pettit to talk about Superproof's first season, its upcoming full-length flick, and what's next for the alternative crew from Whistler.

Happy belated Canada Day, where are you at these days?
Thanks, man, I just got off my boat in Whistler. The past few weeks I've been on the glacier getting back into it and it feels awesome.

Good to hear. It's been a while, but how is the Superproof Inc. experiment going? We hear there's a new movie headed our way?
We got some big things going for sure. We've got a flick coming out this fall, called The Recruitment, that we've decided to release on iTunes because we realized the quality of filmmaking that we're dealing with is very much professional. We're very stoked on everything with Superproof.

So do you guys have a premiere date locked down then?
We don't have a squared release date, but we are premiering at IF3 Montreal. I think a couple days before that we'll do a world premiere in Whistler. We have to give the home turf love before we go on a bigger tour. We plan to hit some spots the first year, to get it out there and spread the word. Then it hits iTunes in October.

You guys have a couple of interesting edits out and have really prided yourselves on doing things differently. What makes Superproof stand out?
The whole idea behind this movie and how we're approaching this whole Superproof thing is to make something that might be a little controversial. Maybe some people don't like it, but that's okay. We hope some people will love it and appreciate the change. We're pretty excited to get this out and see some reaction. Hopefully it gets some people talking, gets some other companies and videos to be a little ballsy. Obviously, that's with respects to other film companies that have paved an extraordinary road for all of us—the only reason this type of thing can even happen.

How are you doing that with The Recruitment? Can you give us a teaser taste?
I guess this will be the first time I'm telling anybody what the movie is about, but essentially there are seven skiers who kind of fall off the ski scene because of hard times, sponsorships, and such. It's a fictional story but it's totally based on the real story of how things go in this industry. They're all still so talented but are forced to get into trouble because their lives and their skiing were taken away from them. Basically I come in and have this plan to recruit them all back together again.

It's a different idea I think. When you go watch a Hollywood movie at the theater, there's something that makes you want to escape so I think that's how every movie should be perceived. You want to get into things that wouldn't really happen, because sometimes real life can be kind of boring and you have to spice it up with crazy shit. We want to keep people entertained the whole time and involve skiing.

The Recruitment, out this fall.

The Recruitment, out this fall.

You weren't really able to contribute as a skier in Superproof's first season—what was it like to be on the sidelines?
That was so extremely hard for me. Nothing more frustrating and hard. In December when I was skiing, I've never felt so motivated to do something. Every bit of motivation was there, but snap of the fingers, and it's taken away and I can't participate in this project I thought up in the first place.

It took me a couple of weeks and I didn't know what I was going to do, but it became a blessing in disguise I could work on actually making Superproof legitimate, so I put a bunch of time and money into it to make it something really special. I think with that time off my skis, I actually built it the way I wanted to and now we have a pretty solid foundation of what Superproof is and how it's going to run.

A little speed bump, a little injury, and I'm back skiing on the glacier and feeling strong. Now I have that much more motivation going into next year, and I'll just try not to hurt myself early season this year.

Are you guys already thinking about next year? Where does Superproof go from here?
Yeah, so we have a really solid ski crew. We even have a couple more that I haven't even announced yet. In going into next season, we'll have some more dudes repping it and doing video stuff. Hopefully by next winter we'll be getting into some snowboard stuff, surf film stuff, and maybe even skate. We have some people lined up in Vancouver, and some in the Toronto area, too.

The next thing is to dabble in a little bit of music, tap into that scene a little bit and get a little bit of fashion, too, get some models repping the brand.

Models, eh?
It's always a good idea to put a logo on a hot chick. Hot chicks should wear Superproof.

So overall you're glad you stuck with the Superproof project even though you weren't skiing?
Yeah, definitely. I could have said, ‘Fuck it, wait until next year,’ but I know these guys are fucking rad and I think this project is fucking rad. When everyone is motivated and stoked to work hard, it shows. I can assure you, it shows in this movie.

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