The International Day of Women and Skiing

Hey ladies, it's girl posse day. Hey guys, it's the only day of the year when the odds are in your favor.

Invasion of the girl posse on Saturday, the first International Women's Ski Day. PHOTO: Julie Brown

Invasion of the girl posse on Saturday, the first International Women’s Ski Day. PHOTO: Julie Brown

Saturday, December 14 is hereby declared as International Women's Ski Day, reversing the typical male-to-female ratio in ski towns all over the world. From Maine to Alaska to California, across the Pacific to Japan, hopping over to Europe, lady skiers are hitting the hill for some global girl power. Grandmas and teenage girls alike will be taking some hot laps with SheJumps in California, watching ski movies for a ladies night in Virginia, or learning some new tricks in the Italian Alps. The unofficial world holiday is an organic push to get as many girls on the mountain as possible, says Alyssa Clark of K2 Skis.

Last spring, Clark typed in a search on Google to see if such a day existed. There's an International Day of Happiness, an International Snowboard Day, even an International Beer Day. But no one had claimed a day for women skiers. So K2 marked the calendar, reached out to their partners across the globe, and organized a bunch of girls-only events.

"This is a global reach where any woman or girl of any age and ability can go out and feel like they're a part of something," says Clark. "That was my goal—reach every demographic as possible and know that they have other people to ski with."

K2 Ski Alliance is hosting events at Crystal Mountain, Washington, and Beaver Creek, Colorado, and SheJumps will be skiing at resorts all over North America, but anyone can host an event and add it to the official women's ski day world map, adding a grassroots mix to the day.

"We believe that by encouraging girls and women of all ages and abilities to storm mountains on 12/14/13 we are supporting a strong, healthy, and vibrant community of women in the mountains," says Tamra Geryk of SheJumps.

For more information about the International Women's Ski Day and a map of events all over the world, visit —Julie Brown

Lexi Dupont and Brita Sigourney. PHOTO: K2 Skis

Lexi Dupont and Brita Sigourney. PHOTO: K2 Skis