Sam Cohen at Alta, Utah
Alta gunners on the old 105 gun shooting slide paths above the LCC road6
Colter Hinchcliffe loving some Alta deepness
Dave McReynolds Wasatch Backcountry near Provo, Utah
Sam Cohen at Alta, Utah
Chris Collins sending a huge air with a grab on Alta's backside area
Carston Oliver in the Alta sidecountry
Jeff Withey           MR-yesSnowbird, Utah
Sam Cohen at Alta, Utah
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In Focus: Lee Cohen

A portfolio of Lee Cohen's best photographs from Little Cottonwood Canyon

Even if you’ve never skied Alta, chances are you have a pretty good picture of what that place is about—powder so deep it engulfs you, views of Mount Superior, laps on Wildcat, that one Interlodge morning when you woke up in a dorm room at the Peruvian and could ski as many freshies as your heart desired with no one else on the mountain but your friends. Alta is a fixture in skiing. And photographer Lee Cohen is a fixture at Alta. His photos have defined the ski resort at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon for well over 30 years. Cohen is an expert in translating the sublime beauty of deep powder. The above 10 photos represent a small taste of his work. If this gallery leaves you wanting more, as it should, check out Cohen’s book, Alta Magic, which features 160 pages of Cohen’s best work. And Alta’s, too.—Julie Brown