"We'll hear a song and it might inspire a short film, or it might inspire a feature film," says Nick Waggoner, director of Sweetgrass Productions. "You can hear a song and visually create in your mind a film, and then that becomes a dream and you make proposals and everything happens, but it's all sparked by the music."

Waggoner, 27, used to burn every ski film soundtrack to mini-discs in high school, listening to them on repeat. Today people might build a playlist on Spotify, or buy tracks on iTunes. Maybe they'll add a song or two to their skiing playlist (we all have one), ripping turns to the same background music seen on the silver screen. The music behind ski movies changes in the way ski shapes do—to fulfill different purposes, use new technology, follow changing trends, and meet different demands. However, the basic purpose stays the same: to get people excited, and in the mountains.

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