Hans Saari Memorial Fund Announces Ski Exploration Grant Winners




picture-21Bozeman, MT….The Board of the Hans Saari Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the winners of its 2010 Ski Exploration Grants. The Exploration Grant program was created in 2008 exclusively for ski mountaineers to encourage expeditions that expand the limits of ski mountaineering while reminding us of the excitement and adventure of Hans’s trips.  This year marks the third for the program, and was without question the most competitive year for applicants with many quality projects and teams. The Fund is excited to award a cumulative $15,000 to the recipients below.

Sara Campbell, Jake Christina, Eric Larson: Cloud Peak Ski Mountaineering. This expedition received a grant to ski the East Face Couloir of the 13,165 foot Cloud Peak in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains.

Jamie Musnicki, Molly Loomis, Ann Piersall: Women’s Krygystan Expedition. Jamie, Molly, and Ann will be exploring the seldom visited Jetim-Bel Range of the Tien-Shan Mountains. The expedition’s primary goal will be a second descent of the historic solo route by Ella Maillart of Sari Tor (4481m). In addition, the team will look at additional descents off the numerous 4,000 and 5,000 foot peaks neighboring Sari Tor.

Drew Pogge and Clark Corey: Tombstone Range Expedition. Drew and Clark will be spending two weeks exploring this remote Yukon Range that is better known for the 19th century gold rush that established Dawson City than it is for the impressive ski potential of its mountains.

Nathan Rowland and Ollie Nieuland-Zlotnicki: Krygystan Exploration 2010. This expedition received a grant to explore the Al-Dytrr and Kary Sars Glaciers in Northeastern Kyrgystan. Nathan and Ollie will spend 18 days going light and fast with the hope of maximizing ski descents off the numerous and deserving sub 17,000 foot, technical ski descents in this seldom visited area near Khan Tengri.

Courtney Phillips: Revelation Mountains Exploration. Courtney will be traveling to Alaska to explore the Revelation Mountains, a largely unskied range southeast of the Alaska Range. His team will spend 20 days focusing solely on ski descents off peaks adjacent to the Revelation Glacier.

Jonathan Mingle: Indian Himalaya Ski Traverse. Jonathan received a grant from the Hans Fund last year for this expedition. Unfortunately, Jonathan was unable to complete his trip last year due to complications with logistics that could not be reconciled. Jonathan will be heading back to India this year, and the Fund is glad to be able to support him again.

For further information on the Exploration Grant program go to www.hansfund.org

Next year’s application deadline is March 1, 2011.

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