Girl Powder 2010 Queen Of The Park Results


Lady Skiers and Snowboarders Battle in Squaw Valley USA Terrain Park

(Olympic Valley, CA) Two words described the atmosphere at Girl Powder's Third Annual Queen of the Park this past weekend, "Rock and Roll." With music echoing through the park and an MC calling the tricks, over 25 lady skiers and snowboarders battled it out in a custom terrain park designed by Squaw Valley USA this past weekend with hopes of being crowned 2010 Queen of the Park.

"The features were incredible, and Squaw Valley USA really did an incredible job building a great competition park for all the athletes to compete in, "recalled Joel Lackovich, President and Founder of Girl Powder. "It was great to see such a challenging park built so close to the Village. The crowd really got involved and provided a lot of support. "

The course which was had a series of up down boxes and kink rails leading into a quarter wall provided all the fun needed as monstrous tricks and combinations by the competitors kept the crowd entertained.

After it was all said and done however, only two ladies could be crowned Queen of the Park. Lena Decrescenzo (Truckee, CA) and Laurie Currier (Incline Village, NV) took home the royalty and were crowned Queen of the Park – Skier and Queen of the Park –Snowboarder respectively. Both athletes navigated a series of flawless and technical runs but not without close competition from other competitors including last year's Queen of the Park (Skier), Madison Hodges, and rising snowboarding phenom, Alexis Roland.

"While the competition was extremely fierce and the finals very close, all the ladies deserve a hand for stepping up and helping bring forward such a powerful event for female athletics, "Lackovich insisted. " The ski and snowboard communities need more events like this to propel the sport forward, and we plan to continue to do this."

A wrap up video of Girl Powder's Third Annual Queen of the Park will be available for viewing soon and is being produced by First Tracks Productions. Additionally, the Queen of the Park would not have been possible without the support of all the sponsors including Squaw Valley USA, Tryant Snowboards, Hint Water, Sports Basement, Monster Energy, Jorik Blom Photography, and Erin Donnelly Photography.


Results (Top 3 Skiers)

1st – Lena Decrescenzo (Truckee, CA)

2nd – Madison Hodges (Mammoth, CA)

3rd –  Abigale Hansen (Mammoth, CA)

Results (Top 3 Snowboarders)

1st – Laurie Currier (Incline Village, NV)

2nd – Alexis Roland (Bloomington, MN)

3rd – Kara Strehle (Squaw Valley, CA)

Results (Tyrant Snowboards Trick of the Day)

Femke Henriques Hilbink (Mt Hutt, New Zealand and Squaw Valley, CA)

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