If you still doubt serious skiers could live anywhere but the Wild West, you need to meet the Vermont Backcountry Alliance. The young organization is committed to creating backcountry access for a wide range of Vermonters, and to encourage locals to continue to engage with and enjoy their wilderness year-round. The community of committed backcountry skiers and riders in the Northeast has been growing steadily, and the founders of VBTC recognized a need for those skiers and riders to share knowledge and experience and most importantly, find people to trek into the unreasonably cold Vermont hills with them in noble pursuit of pow. However, they’re no ski town posse–the VTBC has been cultivating backcountry zones much like trail crews build hiking trails, empowering local communities to get outside and into the backcountry with their friends and families. That’s not to say this isn’t seriously good skiing, though. Considering last year’s insanely deep Vermont winter, your best bet for untouched backcountry stashes might be out East.