Top Amateurs Compete For Dew Tour spots.

Words: J. Broglio

The second year of the Alli Sports Winter Dew Tour is in the bag. The studded chalices have been handed out, the athletes are recovering from the After Dark parties, the banners and lights are being packed up and most importantly – the sponsors are still committed.

Here’s what you probably already know about the 2010 Winter Dew Tour finals in Mt. Snow last weekend.

In the Superpipe Tanner was absent and Simon took home first with flawless 9s and a mid-run double. Tucker Perkins had the run of his life and nearly won it. Jossi fell, but managed to pull off fifth in his second run and take home the overall Dew Cup and $25,000. On the Slopestyle course Bobby Brown, amped off two golds from X the weekend before, took home first with spins like a misty 630 off and a double cork 12. But in the end Brown lost the overall Dew Cup to Andreas Hatveit, who had such a good season with Dew he just happened to snag Ball Park Rookie of The Year and Dew Tour Athlete of the Year.

And… here’s what you missed if you were tuned into the Saint’s victory on Sunday.

As the final highlight to a month of amateur contests stretched from Big Bear to Killington focused on the “Flow to Pro” theme, Alli Sports flew over 40 young athletes out to Mt. Snow to compete on the Toyota Championship slopestyle and pipe courses. The grand prize – two slots (one each in slopestyle and superpipe) in the 2011 Winter Dew Tour.

The field of “groms,” which really isn’t the right word because these young freeskiers deserve something better, came out in full force with trick lists taken straight from the previous day’s pro line up.

In the Superpipe 14-year-old wildcard entry and Aspen-Snowmass native Torin Yater-Wallace beat out fellow Rocky Mountain local Patty Baskins for a spot on next year’s Pro Tour with a cork 5 mute, alley-oop flat 5 and right 7.

On the slopestyle course not-so-young, 21-year-old (the cap of the Free Flow Tour age limit) Norwegian Steffen Hamre earned his spot on the Pro Tour with solid grabs off both hits and a 91.00 on his first run – a score that held through the entire day despite top performances from Austin Torvinen, a 17-year-old out of Duluth, Minnesota and third place finisher Jason Arens, out of South Lake Tahoe.

Sunday’s high winds at Mt. Snow forced officials to shorten the slopestyle course, leaving the Toyota Truck box alone up top and the amateur competitors challenged with only one down rail and two final hits.

“They were big features,” explained Arens. “It was a privilege to be able to ski the pro course, even though it was shortened up, and for the Gatorade organizers to feel that we were all confident and responsible enough to hit that course was amazing.”

Although Arens didn’t earn a spot on the Pro Tour, he echoed sentiments from all the Winter Free Flow freeskiers when asked how Gatorade faired in their first year on the snow.

"More than I ever could have expected," he said. "They did everything right, made all of us feel at home and that we were doing something of value to better the future of our sport."

Yater-Wallace and Hamre will each receive invites to the 2011 Winter Dew Tour and continue the “Flow to Pro” theme behind the Gatorade Winter Free Flow Tour.

For full results on the Gatorade Winter Free Flow Tour and the Winter Dew Tour visit


1) Steffen Hamre – 91.00
2) Austin Torvinen – 88.25
3) Jason Arens – 86.75
4) Parker White – 84.75
5) Will Hibbs – 83.50
6) Jack Strain – 82.50
7) Scott Donahue – 80.00
8) Peter Engen – 78.00
9) Tanner Coulter – 66.50
10) Robert Franco – 52.00
11) Ryan Wyble – 44.00
12) Yvan Metrailler – DNS


1) Torin Yater-Wallace – 92.75
2) Patrick Baskins – 89.75
3) Michael Bochenek – 82.00
4) Aidan Smith – 77.75
5) Brendan Wall – 69.50
6) Billy Mann – 59.25
7) Brody Leeds – 46.50
8) Alex Mochan – 22.50
9) Alex Gorham – 22.00