SQUAW RELEASE/FREERIDEWORLD TOUR: Pushing the Limits at NissanTramFace Squaw Valley USA, Third Stage of the Freeride World Tour



“The Best Riders on the Best Mountains in the Ultimate Freeride Competition”


leftSquaw Valley, USA – March 1, 2010 – The third stage of the Freeride World Tour was held today Monday on the Silverado venue in Squaw Valley USA. With its playful terrain the riders put up a great show for the hundreds of cheering locals, pushing the limits with a ‘best of two runs’ format. The high point of the day was the women stepping up the game with a great level of riding, taking the same big cliff jumps as the men and creative line choices. Local Squaw Valley skier and Freeride World Tour wild card Jaclyn Paaso was without a doubt the biggest crowd pleaser. She took a massive cliff jump at the bottom of the face, faster and higher than most of the men, challenging them for the second heat.

Three out of the four winners today (Windstedt, de Le Rue, Paaso) have scored enough points to climb to the top of the overall Freeride World Tour Ranking 2010, before the final stage Nissan Xtreme by Swatch in Verbier, March 20.

Official Podium Results from the Nissan Tram Face, Squaw Valley USA (Click here for Complete Results <> )

Men Ski
1- Henrik Windstedt (SWE)
2- Aurélien Ducroz (FRA)
3- Reine Barkered (SWE)

Women Ski
1- Jaclyn Paaso (USA)
2- Ane Enderud (NOR)
3- Ingrid Backstrom (USA)

fwt10_squaw_ddaher-8921Freeride World Tour/D. Daher

The Competition Format Nissan Tram Face: The Best Score Out of Two Runs
Founder and event organizer Nicolas Hale-Woods (SUI):

“The majority of the athletes were really happy with the two-run format. It was a great opportunity for the sport to allow faster progression as the riders would attempt more tricks and push their limits more than if they only would have had one chance. And the good news is that no one would do anything dangerous above his or her abilities. We saw some amazing riding today.”


Henrik Windstedt (SWE) – Winner
“The format ‘best of two runs’ was really great and very interesting. The riders where pushing the limits even further with two chances on the same face. Silverado is a great competition venue, not too dangerous, so we dare to go for it! I was really excited at the start and wanted to go as big as I could. I am really happy I stomped my backflip and 360 as well as the big cliff jump at the bottom.”

Aurelien Ducroz (FRA) – 2nd Place
“I am really happy with what I did. I had two good runs after having two bad runs in the previous events so I finally got back into it. I am here. It feels so good to be back on the podium.”

Ane Enderud (NOR) – 2nd Place
“I’m pretty happy. I missed where I had planned to go but I still skied fast and fluid with good jumps. I wasn’t on edge; I was relaxed and having fun. This is my 6th FWT competition in a row where I haven’t fallen, so I am very happy. As for my line choice, I honestly chose it when I was at the start gate.”


Freeride World Tour/C. Margot

Coming next: Final Stage of the Freeride World Tour
20 March: 15th Anniversary of the Nissan Xtreme by Swatch in Verbier
15 years of passion for freeriding, 15 years of great sports performances at its highest level will be celebrated at the “grande finale” of the Freeride World Tour 2010. For the occasion the 15 former winners of the event have been invited by the organisers. The elite of freeride will once again tackle the mythical North Face of the Bec des Rosses.

The Freeride World Tour Ranking 2010 after Three Completed Contests click here <>

The 2010 Freeride World Tour’s four stages:

Date: Competition postponed to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc – 4 February 2010

Date: 31 January 2010

Date: 1 March 2010

Date: 20 March 2010

About the Freeride World Tour:
The Freeride World Tour was launched in 2008 and after just two full seasons is already recognized by riders, the ski industry and the media as the pinnacle of the sport. In 2010, the best freeriders: men, women, skiers and snowboarders alike, will visit some of the world’s most renowned ski resorts in pursuit of the world title. The four-stop Freeride World Tour is supported by 18 Freeride World Qualifier events around the world where the same criteria for event organization, choice of locations, security, contest format, and judging is applied. <>

About Nissan:
Nissan’s Sports Adventure (NSA) programme was created three years ago with the aim to support and promote adventure sports and an active outdoor lifestyle. The 2010 programme includes the Freeride World Tour, the Freeride World Qualifiers, the Nissan Outdoor Games festival as well as the European team of Nissan athletes.
Nissan events, as well as their athletes, illustrate the passion and commitment that is the very ethos of Nissan Sports Adventure. They also reflect the fact that Nissan continuously challenge everything that they do. The Freeride World Tour sees more and more aspiring athletes proving themselves in a similar way and inspiring the next generation of fans. For more information please visit: <>

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Swatch, founded in 1983 by Nicolas G. Hayek and under the presidency today of Arlette-Elsa Emch, is a leading Swiss watch and jewelry maker and one of the world’s most fashionable brands. Swatch is a member of the international Swatch Group of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. The brand has been closely associated for many years with trendy lifestyle and popular sports, through its role as Official Timekeeper at competitive events, the introduction and development of Swatch Pro Teams, and through innovative products like the Swatch Snowpass System, a built-in access technology allowing Swatch watches to serve as ski passes at over 600 winter sports destinations around the world. For more information please visit: <>

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