Many an ode have been written about a ski bum’s admiration for and devotion to their Subaru. Your mom, your significant other, your dog, your Subaru. It’s the kind of car that falls in line with life’s true loves, and that affection only grows deeper with time. After your trusty Subie rallied through snowdrifts several feet tall, reliably getting you to the ski resort on every powder day. After you crested 150,000 miles, replaced that head gasket, and have tens of thousands of miles left to go. It may not have great clearance, but that won’t stop it from braving the ruts and rocks on dirt roads that lead to camp spots in the woods. Gas mileage is average, but hey, these cars will last you 200,000 miles and then some.

But you already know all this, because you—like me—are in love with your Subaru.

Well then, fellow Subaru lover, this track is dedicated to you:

Wayword Characters are three guys from Lake Tahoe who have been making beats for nine years. They say it best when it comes to their goal and mission: “Propagate positive, constructive, and seductive messages into airwaves typically littered with candy wrappers and leftover feces.”

…Alright then.

Anyways, turn up the volume in your trusty Subaru and give this a listen. If you like this track, Wayword Characters also have a way with words when it comes to sandwiches.