Why I Love Ski Movie Trailers

Falling for marketing

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Drama is on the streets, but before you go saying something about "privileged white boys trying to be black" imagine, if you will, trees whizzing by you as you slam powder. Now replace the word "powder" with "metal handrail" and trees with "harder than ice concrete." There you go. That's street skiing.

These bastards keep tricking me. And I let them because I love ski movie trailers.

Trailers? Really?

Yes, really. I look at skiing as having momentum, this activity that keeps evolving. Some use the word progression, but that sounds too forced. Evolution is slow, crawling speed. Picture, if you will, the idea of a person pushing a boulder up an endless hill. Everyday he gets a little bit higher. That's sort of how I see skiing. With every year, every tap, pow slash, and impossibly tweaked grab (I'm looking at you, 2010 T.J. Schiller), we get a little further up the hill and little better.

Trailers, or as my father calls them "mobile homes" (#trailerparkjoke), are a peek into the future and the past. What a few have known to be possible from a season prior is released and sends viewers into the future for what skiing can be. For those budding professional skiers out there, this is why most am skiers always feel one season behind. The ski magazines and movies show you last year's hot shit, making early season antics you're emulating from watching a ski movie, yesterday's news. You'll spend your winters, like I do, learning that massively pulled to the side safety grab, even though that trick was so one season ago. But whatevs.

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It's no secret that Josh Berman thoroughly enjoyed his Movie of the Year win at the 2013 Powder Awards. The reigning champions at Level 1 did a great job capturing a fun vibe in last year's Sunny. This film looks to take the momentum of Sunny, and meteorological naming theme, one step further.

The reason I love ski movie trailers is not because it helps me make a better purchasing decision. I'm fortunate to be in a position where I get these movies for free, something I'll never take for granted because I love ski movies. No, I love these trailers because they illuminate (or darken, depending on your geographic location) summers with a glimpse of fall, when leaves turn and clouds think about maybe dropping a little something special on you. Their one-song soundtracks are usually incredible, adding a new flavor to my Spotify playlist. Level 1 introduced me to DL Incognito. MSP made me fall in love again with classic rocks songs. Hell, even Poor Boyz was on Mackelmore before anyone knew of his affinity for thrift shops.

I am a nerd and hopelessly admire the creativity coming from the skiers. Who knew you could ride a bike with skis (Will Wesson) or ski through a burning forest (Salomon Freeski TV)? But when I get teased with that massive air that doesn't show the landing, I also hope to freaking Glen Plake that some editor won't butcher the shot when it appears in the full version of the film. As we all know, if he didn't stick it, it doesn't count and shouldn't be in the trailer. That's being dishonest.

Most of all, the reason I love ski movie trailers, is they get me talking about skiing again, something I cannot get enough of.

So thank you, timeless marketing tools meant to lure more sponsors for a film and incite a future iTunes purchase. Thank you, ski movie-making bastards, for helping ease me through summer and getting one-step closer to the chairlift.

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I have never heard of headbud before this trailer, but one look at the Trailer Park and it's hard not to argue that European film companies, once the goofy cousin of their North American counterparts, are catching up in terms of talent, production value, and overall impression.

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