Yeti spotted in…Spain?
Is it just me or does this thing look like that monster at the end of that mogul skiing CPU game from back in the day? Don't know what I'm talking about? Dude, you definitely didn't get a Dell.

Anyways, whether or not this is a hoax, why is the cameraman still standing there!? SKI FOR YOUR LIFE, man.

Ski region tops Sweden for STDs
Being the best is usually a good thing, but being the best chance at getting an STD in the entire country of Sweden? Not a good look, bro. Such is life in the ski region of Jämtland, a northwest Sweden county known for its snowsports. According to a Metro report, the combination of ski resorts and a local university has led to enough frisky behavior to spawn a Chlamydia outbreak that seems a little too legit to quit. Careful where you pole whack folks, things are getting ugly up in Scandal-navia.

Japanese ski jumper continues ridiculous streak
We here at POWDER are all about giving credit where credit is due, and nowhere is that more the case this season than with Japanese ski jumping dynamo Sara Takanashi, who won nine straight World Cup events and 10 of the first 11 this season. The 19-year-old has 40 World Cup victories in 67 starts. I'm not good at the maths, but that seems pretty darn close to "world domination" status.

ESPN X Games Real Ski is live
And by live I mean really freaking sweet. The newest iteration of the X Games Real series, Real Ski is all about the urban skier, featuring the likes of Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali, and Cam Riley (yes, Cam Riley could be an X Games gold medalist, people). Videos and voting are live on (, but since they won't me embed any of the six videos, you get a video of "Nuns on Runs." Thank me later.

Sunday River snowmaking cloud is Doppler official
You know you're producing a lot of the white stuff, when your manmade snow cloud shows up on radar. Maine's Sunday River Resort has long been known for their snowmaking capacity but they outdid themselves this week, when their snowmaking cloud appeared on local Doppler radar and made its way onto the nightly news. They might be getting the cold shoulder from Old Man Winter, but with Someday Bigger on the case, ski season is far from over in Vacationland.

That's some serious firepower, Sunday River. Screenshot taken from video.

That’s some serious firepower, Sunday River. Screenshot taken from video.

Alta offers preferred parking for carpoolers
As yet another round of high pressure rolls through Salt Lake City, Alta is looking to take its own bite out of the smog problem plaguing Salt Lake Valley, offering preferred parking to carpooling vehicles on select days of the week. The rideshare initiative is part of a study through the University of Utah's Environmental and Sustainability Studies program in partnership with the Alta Environmental Center. The test program is only for the Wildcat Base parking area and will run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting next week and running through mid-March.

Five dead in massive Austrian avalanche
Another tragedy struck the Alps in epic proportions this week as an avalanche measuring nearly a mile end-to-end broke in the Wattener Lizum region, engulfing 17 members of a Czech freeride camp before ultimately claiming the lives of five skiers. The slide was one of 19 in the region over the weekend, but was by far the largest recorded.