Week In Review: May 5

Renewable resorts, bump skiing, and May Day pow

Berkshire East is the first ski area in the world operating exclusively from on-site renewable energy. PHOTO: COURTESY OF BERKSHIRE EAST

Renewable Resorts

You may never have heard of it (although Ted Kennedy used to ski there), but Massachusett’s Berkshire East is now the first ski area in the world to get 100 percent of its electricity from on-site renewable energy. The ski area, which had installed a 900-kilowatt wind turbine on the mountain in 2011, much like neighbor Jiminy Peak did years before, added a 500-kilowatt solar farm with 90 panels that will rotate to track the sun. Why'd they do it? No, not for a slow clap from Al Gore, but rather as a hedge against future energy costs, which, after labor, are most ski areas' biggest cost.


The chronically short-term focused ski resort industry is breaking out the scotch this week after learning that skier visits, on average, bounced back roughly 11 percent from the apocalyptically warm and short 2012 season (for everyone but Alaska). General managers in the Northeast and the "Pacific Southwest," a region I've never heard of before, are letting out a particularly big sigh, since their numbers jumped up 20 percent.

Clip Contests

The Orage Masters Clip Contest voting is live, giving you the chance to decide which crew that put in the effort to make a video while day-drinking—Level 1, The Traveling Circus, Stept, 4bi9, Me Gusta Aviones, or Toy Soldiers Productions—should walk away with five G's in cash.

Antti Ollila

Somebody call the X Games, STAT!

The Verdict

So… Is Nordica cool now?

Sun Valley Soda Bombs

Someone has been planting crudely-made "Drano bombs" consisting of Coke bottles filled with Drano, water, and metal shrapnel, both in a Sun Valley mailbox and around the Elkhorn Village neighborhood. So far, none of the bombs have exploded when people have been around, but the police are still without a suspect.

Squaw Valley Re-Trust Committee!

After getting a lot of flack for not including much or any community input into its initial proposal for its massive redevelopment of the Village at Squaw Valley, resort owner KSL has put together the Squaw Valley Community Advisory Council, a mix of homeowners association representatives, community members, two people from the Friends of Squaw Valley (the principal group representing opposition to the development), and for some reason, Jonny Moseley. Don't worry about all this development mumbo-jumbo, you all, just sit back and watch the Golden Boy ski moguls for you all day! Hurrah!


Man, that Colby Vavolotis can rip a zipper line…

Wow, more moguls! I haven't seen Tanner shred bumps since he was a grom in 13… more, please!

May Day Pow

I mean, yeah it's a snowboarder, but damn! Twenty-one inches in Colorado in 24 hours on May 2? Those numbers are Jamaican me craaaazy!

The Ski Media Vacuum of 2013

The ski media stables are going through an unprecedented amount of horse-trading at the moment. Editors have taken flight from not only POWDER but Newschoolers, Freeskier, and TGR, while Bonnier is selling Ski, Skiing, Warren Miller Entertainment, and Nastar. What does it all mean? Only by plugging my other blog will you ever know…