Week In Review Halloween Edition: Tanner Hall meets Justin Bieber & U.S. Freeskiing Unveils Olympic Uniforms

Chris Davenport joins Kastle ownership team, Alta pow edit, & stoners busted in Colorado

Skiers Misinterpreting Marijuana Law in Colorado

Stoners are getting Colorado's new marijuana laws twisted and it's landing them in some sticky-icky situations on the slopes according to a Summit Daily report. Under the new provisions, persons over 21 can possess up to an ounce of green and can legally consume in the privacy of their home, but that doesn't cover lighting up in the lift line. A-Basin has already clipped several passes for public use violations and vows to continue the enforcement throughout the season. Looks like it's back to the smoke shacks again this winter, unless you want a fat fine to accompany that Rocky Mountain high.

Solid Double Skier Segment from PVS Company

Pretty fresh little segment from PVS Company's Time, featuring skiers Julien Regnier and Kevin Rolland. Holy simul-corks!

Davenport Joins Kastle Ownership Team

From the board room to the no fall zone, Davenport shows no signs of slowing down. PHOTO: Scott Rinckenberger

From the board room to the no fall zone, Davenport shows no signs of slowing down. PHOTO: Scott Rinckenberger

Legendary ski mountaineer Chris Davenport became part of Kastle's ownership group this week, adding ski company part owner to his lengthy ski resume. Davenport has been an athlete with the Austrian ski company since 2007, but the newest promotion earns him a chair at the big kid's table. With a seat on Kastle's board of directors, Davenport will have say in the brand's development and creative direction moving forward and allows the former extreme skiing world champ to keep pursuing his dream in the mountains,albeit with a slightly thicker billfold.

When Tanner Hall Met Justin Bieber

Tanner Hall and Justin Bieber in Panama. What could possibly go wrong? PHOTO: Courtesy Tanner Hall Instagram

Tanner Hall and Justin Bieber in Panama. What could possibly go wrong?

Tanner Hall kicked the weirdness up a notch this week when he posted a picture of himself and the Inspired Crew chilling with pop music uber bro Justin Bieber on Instagram. Apparently the group was down filming with the Nitro Circus crew in Panama when JBiebs showed up and stole the show, with T Hall noting that he's actually, "A COOL AS KID!!!" No word on whether the two will be collaborating on a single, but in my professional opinion, it's a done deal. Serious question: The Biebs snowblades, right?

The Daily Pow Gets Pitted at Alta

The Daily Pow smacked the rest of us in the mouth this week with a sweet powder edit from Alta. An early season beast brought in close to 15 inches of light and fluffy, and the guys took advantage, scoring some deep turns down Gunsight, Thirds, and Eagle's Nest to some Ice Cube beats. With all that new snow comes the inherent avy risk, as elsewhere on the hill two natural avalanches ripped. Other areas that stricken with Rad Pow Disease include Tahoe, Jackson, and Montana, who all got their share of the good stuff.

U.S. Freeskiing Unveils Olympic Uniforms

The U.S. Ski Team and The North Face unveiled the first-ever U.S. Freeskiing uniforms on Monday in a glitzy New York City ceremony. Tom Wallisch, Devin Logan, Maddie Bowman, and a slew of other slope and pipe athletes were on hand to show off the new red, white, and blue, and a “Today Show” rail jam in Times Square followed the next day. Aside from the general confusion the event wreaked on New Yorkers, highlight of the day goes to the newscaster that asked Torin Yater-Wallace if halfpipe skiing is the same thing as snowboarding. Nailed it.

In other U.S. Team news, World Cup race season got under way in Austria with Mikaela Shiffrin finishing a career-best sixth in the giant slalom and Bode Miller making his not-so-triumphant return, landing in 19th in the men's competition.

Preseason Checklist: Test Your Gear

Making sure your gear is ready to go ahead of time is essential for a successful ski season. The Red Sox took a break from WINNING THE FRIGGIN' WORLD SERIES to ensure their equipment was up to snuff, aggressively field testing new Oakley Dragon/Nike collab goggles with copious bottles of champagne. Early reports say they were pleased with the non-stick lens coating, but weren't as enthusiastic with the triple layer moisture-wicking foam.

Halloween Skiing

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a ski video with a boatload of weird. Costumed bump snaking, break-dancing with Pisten Bullys, and an original score with its own ski lyrics, this just got added to my Fav 5. And I want to ski dance, SKI DANCE.