Week in Review: April 28

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Screw Your Skins

Pretty hyped on your new Dynafit setup? All stoked on its lightweight so you're not suffering uphill to summit your favorite backcountry run? How about a parachute that pulls you straight up that damn thing (depending on exact wind conditions) without lifting a heel AND lets you mount your backcountry skis with your dependable alpine bindings? Until we get personal heli drones, sign me up!

The Fat Lady Ain't Singing

Sugarloaf on Tuesday. PHOTO: SUGARLOAF

Man, what a great season in the East. Now it's time to look back on it… wait, is that Sugarloaf on Tuesday?? It ain't over 'til it's over, and it ain't over in the Northeast. Unofficial has the updated skinny on New England closing dates.

Pollard POV Mash Up

Until he heals from thecrazy leg break he suffered near Sochi, this is the most of Eric Pollard we're going to see for a bit… get better, big guy.

Sit Skiers Break More Boundaries

Eric Engman. PHOTO: Daily News Miner

Yeah, that backflip was pretty cool. Now they're doing races in Alaska involving two downhill races and an uphill tow race behind a sled? When will they ever stop?

Cold Mountain Chaga

FOX44 – Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather

Former pro skier and current team manager/ski coach Ben Grunow enlightening the world (of Vermont cable news) on the benefits of the latest underground Vermont organic food obsession, chaga tea. Ben's started his own company, Cold Moutain Chaga, to bottle and sell the vitamin-loaded stuff.

Real Estate For Mountain People

Former POWDER Editor Steve Casimiro is the mind behind Adventure Journal, and its popular editorial series, "Weekend Cabins," where Steve takes a look at awesomely aesthetic and inspiring huts, sheds, cabins, converted lighthouses, mansions, and adventure base camps. There are some seriously awesome ski outposts in the series from Jackson Hole to the Alps to Japan and Sweden.