Treasure Chest

A gold mine of '80s ski videos

Most of the time the Internet is a wasteland of cat videos and twerking. Sometimes the Internet is a haven for beautiful, beautiful skiing. And rarely, one stumbles upon the treasure chest of gems like the ones found on Bob Legasa Freeride Media's Vimeo page. Feast your eyes on 1980s skiing, some of which was uploaded to the web only a few days ago. Share them with your friends, enjoy them with a Bartles & Jaymes, and remember, my friends, winter is coming.

Outrageous Air NFL Halftime 1989
Suck it, Icer Air and all the other city big airs. The San Francisco 49ers were way ahead of their time.

1989 – California Dreaming - Part 1
The best part about this video is that it's only part one of two. Gimme, gimme that sweet ’80s.

California Dreaming - Part 2
The sequel! Thank the good Lord and Glen Plake these videos exist. Upon closer inspection, these videos were part of a Japanese clothing shoot back when America's chief export was Good Times.

Volvo Ski Show - Bromont 1986
This video was produced only a few months after my birth and is the original Ski The East ad with a mix of snow, rain, and stupidly happy people.