Tell A Friend Tour

A seven-stop East Coast tour filled with skiing, pizza, and prizes

After sustaining a season-ending knee injury in a tragic hopping-over-a-fence accident last year, Andy Parry is back. But you already knew that. In December, the wizard trick master is paying tribute to his East Coast roots by launching the Tell A Friend Tour, a grassroots, seven-stop, camp-vibe journey. Skiers are welcome to meet up with Parry and Traveling Circus veterans Ian Compton, Jack Borland, and Ross Imburgia for shred sessions at local resorts, where they'll ski for prizes and learn tricks. The event is followed by pizza and a raffle giveaway at a local shop. Powder caught up with Parry about his new tour and eating chicken wings.

What is the Tell A Friend Tour? Where did the idea come from?
Tell A Friend Tour is an east coast ski event that is stopping at seven different resorts next month. At each stop we start at a shop, move to the resort, and then back to the shop for free stuff, raffle and pizza. During the day Ian Compton, Jack Borland, Ross Imburgia and I will be filming, skiing with kids and setting up mini contests. The idea came from the Siver Sessions, which I used to go to as a kid, and what we kinda already do with Traveling Circus.

Did last year’s knee injury delay the tour?
Yeah and it sucked. Set me back a year, and I don't have too many of those left being that I am an old man.

What should people attending expect?
I think people should expect learn some new tricks, get some free stuff and eat pizza.

How many chicken wings can you eat in one sitting?
Really depends on the size of the wing. You talking jumbo wings or small wings? I really like smaller wings better and I could do 30 of those give or take.

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