With spring in full swing across the country, you might think snowblading season just got underway. You’re wrong. At Alta, legends like Mario Balzano get sendy all season on 36-inchers. Despite call-outs from lifties, bartenders, and shop techs, in Dubsatch collective’s latest, Balzano flexes his right to ski deep Alta pow on whatever he darn well pleases. Sending cliffs and pillow lines, straightlining couloirs, and checking off a long “hit list” including 360s, hand drags, and nose butters, Balzano proves that size isn’t everything—and that a snowblader in a onesie has a chance to rule Alta on the slopes, at après, and even moonwalking through the parking lot.

The short film was directed by Leo Ahrens, for Alta’s Peruvian Lodge Bar video challenge. He was the 2015 champ, and, with Balzano’s antics, took home the title this year as well.”I enter this video challenge as a chance to produce something from the other side of the lens,” says Ahrens. “I’m off filming all winter for my sponsors so it’s fun to get creative and make a video that has nothing to do with my skiing.” The competing videos screen at the Peruvian, otherwise known as the P-dog, and the key to the drunken crowd’s heart is locality.

“Everyone in the bar either works in Alta, skis at Alta everyday, or is in Alta for all the right reasons,” says Ahrens. “Videos with a connection to Little Cottonwood Canyon always do way better. That’s why I try to find a character in town that everyone knows. This year it was Mario Balzano, Gold Miner’s Daughter employee and full-time Alta die hard.”

Editor’s Note: Balzano does, in fact, ski “traditional” gear as well.