Tap, tap, tappy...

MSRP: $40

I like to listen to thug beats when I ski—bass is important. Better yet, I like to listen to them without having to take off my gloves and whip out my ipod on a freezing chairlift. Skullcandy Icon 3 with Taptech makes this simple request a reality, and then some.

Admittedly, at first I thought these were just another pair of headphones—same stuff different color type deal. I was wrong. The features of the Icon 3 keep up with modern-day expectations. A button on the outside of the left earpiece accesses the pause, play, skip, and go-back function of most MP3 players.

Where these headphones turn it up a notch is with their microphone feature. You can take phone calls and access Siri without ever having to take your phone out (but regrettably can't send that person you met at the bar last night straight to voicemail).

The quality of the sound—though we're not talking Bose or Beats by Dre status—for the price is a definite selling point. With a snug fit, you can ride hard and not worry about your headphones getting lost in the wind.

While the Icon 3 is not perfect – there isn't a volume control function, changing songs and taking calls can make your left ear sore (Taptech requires a bit of pressure to work), and wearing a helmet isn't always easy with this style of headphone – Skullcandy is upping the expectation when it comes to standard features for your ear's personal sound systems. And doing it a $40 price point. Thug, indeed.