“It’s Probably One of the Best Jumps Ever”

At Nine Knights, it's not a competition but Oscar Wester still took first place in the big air

This past weekend in Livigno, Italy, a group of 25 invited skiers to the fourth annual Nine Knights contest flew high and fast and far off a giant 100-foot jump. Yes, 100 feet.

The event was founded by Euro wunderkind Nico Zacek, who sought to create castles of cool features that a roundtable of skiers and photographers, aka knights, could produce radness.

Indeed, after four separate triple corks were thrown and landed among several unique features, Zacek’s vision became reality, highlighted by 17 year-old Swiss skier Luca Schuler tossing silky smooth double cork 720s. Who knew a double could be thrown with such style, the speed of his rotation looking so slow and effortless?

Meanwhile, Swede Oscar Wester won the big air, with Schuler in second and fellow Swede Jesper Tjader in third. Not to be outdone, Tjader threw a massive double back flip, transferring from one jump to the next. That’s pretty ridiculous, as it looks like gravity doesn’t apply to the Swede.

Meanwhile, in the photography contest, Alessandro Belluscio took home the Best Action award. To view his photo and all the others, go to NineKnightSki.com.