If your skis are shot, take shots off your skis. It's arts and crafts for adults. PHOTO: Dave Reddick

If your skis are shot, take shots off your skis. It’s arts and crafts for adults. PHOTO: Dave Reddick

Last season might have been the last season for some of your gear--and that always stings a little. Maybe P-tex just isn't going to cut it anymore or you finished the season with a solo pole after dropping its partner off the lift (even if you'll never admit it). We know it's hard to say goodbye to the gear that's been with you through the steep and the deep, so we've come up with this list of eight ways to reuse and repurpose the goods so you can keep the memories of past seasons alive and well for years to come.

1. Shelving
We’ll start with a easy one--the green circle of DIY projects--a shelf. Strip off your bindings (or not) and mount those suckers on a few brackets and you're good to go. The fatter the skis, the fatter the books you can store here, or the more action figures--we're not here to judge you.

2. Chew toy
This one's for the dogs. No, actually, it's for your dog. Turn your stinky cheese socks into Fido's new favorite toy. You'll need two old socks and a worn out dishtowel, like the one in your trunk you used to wipe up spilled coffee and/or beers all season. Follow these steps and you, man, are a dog's best friend.

3. Wall art
Channel your inner interior decorator by hanging old skis to add some rustic mystique to your pad. Using a few L hooks from your local hardware store, you can tack your favorite pair of planks on the wall for an instant art installation. It's like dirtbag HGTV.

4. Boot planter
Turn your stank old boots into sweet smelling flower planters by removing the liners and drilling a few holes in the bottom to help the water drain. Swap your cushy footbeds out for a layer of pebbles, fill the rest of the way with soil, and you're sittin' pretty.

5. Ski pole wind chime
Summer is here, but this DIY project will keep you drifting back to winter anytime the wind blows. Plus, you get to use a hacksaw. You can follow any step-by-step instructions for a copper wind chime; just swap the pipes for your once trusty, now rusty pair of poles.

6. Shot-ski…because every home needs one
Turn your shot skis into a shot-ski for guaranteed après fun that will keep you and three friends moving and grooving as one until you're back on the slopes next season. Be warned, this project ventures into expert terrain so don’t start knocking them back until after you’ve made your measurements. Or, you can take this shortcut.

7. Boot birdhouse
Keep those snowbirds around in the off-season with this quick fix--and no, we don't mean the ones from Florida. Hang it in the backyard and you'll be having visions of tree skiing all summer long. Drill bit required.

8. Helmet hanging planter
We'd definitely rather you wear your helmet than fill it with with petunias. But say you took a tumble last season and it's time to retire the ol' brain bucket. Buckle it up, remove the liner, hang it in a permanent invert on the porch, and everything's coming up roses.