Lofoten, Norway is a quiet place North of the Arctic Circle with twisting fjords and mountains that shoot up directly from the water. Quaint villages with brightly colored houses, salted fish drying in the air, sail boats docked at shore—a picturesque image. Throw in skiers Pete Oswald, Hamish Smith, Heidi Cochran, and Sophie Stevens and suddenly things get more interesting.

In his newest video release "Norway Hexo+," Oswald proves that he and his gang have taken over Lofoten like a bunch of cowboys—cue the song "Oh My God" by Benjamin James Caldwell. Superb use of the Hexo+ drone and two GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras showcase trekking, smiles, and fast, confident turns on slopes that don't often have the privilege of being tattooed by the human touch. These NZ-natives came a long way to ski these lines—and it sure paid off.