Catedral Alta Patagonia, one of South America’s largest ski resorts, experienced a series of landslides after torrential rains, heavy winds, and hail besieged the area over the past week. According to the area’s website, the base area received the brunt of the debris, reporting damages to the base plaza and several hotels, though video also indicates a lift was at least partially buried by the slides. Local officials are worried about future slides on the vulnerable slopes and have closed the resort indefinitely. Catedral Alta Patagonia posted an update early this morning stating that the rain had ceased and that clean-up operations were underway.

Per the resort’s June 3 update: Earlier, crews were divided, and an intensive plan was launched to address the situation generated by the rains. The three main areas in which we are working is to detect and act on the situation of the different trails on the mountain, andalyze the Plaza situation and rebuilding the area hampered by rainfall, and give continuity to all repair work on the adjoining Hotel Pire Hue area.

South American ski season traditionally opens in mid-June, but there is no word on Catedral Alta Patagonia’s opening date after the latest setback.