Junk In The Truck: MFD Freetour 30L Backpack

From the creators of the ALLTIME binding, comes a new line of ingenious packs

MFD Freetour 30L Backpack w/ Hydrapak® SF350 Backcountry Collapsible Bottle, $189.

WORDS: Ian Fohrman

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new MFD Freetour 30 backpack for a couple weeks of spring peak bagging and shredding in Colorado. I was lucky enough to be shooting photos of Chris Davenport and Ted and Christy Mahon so the pace was obviously quick. The MFD pack’s smart design helped with fast transitions and easy access to food, water, and other necessities while on the move. The length and scope of our days were extremely varied and the pack performed with solid versatility. On big days there was plenty of room for the normal mountain essentials (food, water, extra layer, emergency kit, beacon shovel probe, etc.) in addition to an axe loop, crampons, and harness. The pack carried exceptionally comfortably while fully loaded and cinched to a smaller profile for fast, light days.

No frozen tubes in sight. PHOTOS: Andrew Miller

I love the MFD collapsible bottles for shorter climbs, but I’m still partial to a reservoir and hose for bigger days. Made of ripstop recycled PET fabric (from plastic water bottles), the pack was designed for either preference. For mountaineering, I carry my skis A-frame style while I prefer diagonal carry for short boot packs (in diagonal mode, you can choose to angle tips to the left or right). Again, the pack was perfectly suited for both.

For photos, I paired the pack up with a front-mounted LowePro Toploader Pro, and used the perfectly sized hip compartment for easy access to my iPhone and point and shoot.

Bottom line: the MFD Freetour backpack provided me with versatility, performance, and a sweet looking design.

The only way to buy an MFD pack at this point is through its Kickstarter campaign, where you can become one of the first to own this pack while also supporting the company's latest design and development initiative.

Freetour 15L w/ BC Bottle, $139
Freetour 30L w/ BC Bottle, $189
Freetour 20L ABS Compatible (Compatible with ABS Vario Base unit). Comes zipped with MFD base and BC bottle. $199

For detailed features and specs: www.runmfd.com