Junk In The Trunk: Rocker Ski Rack

Finally, a ski rack that doesn't harsh on a ski's rocker profile

Proper ski storage in a garage never felt so good. PHOTO: David Reddick

Proper ski storage in a garage never felt so good. PHOTO: David Reddick

Rocker Ski Rack
MSRP: $249 (Wood Mountains version)

Four houses down from where I grew up lived a mechanic and craftsman of high-performance speed boat engines. His garage was pristine in its order and cleanliness. Like any other 10 year old, it made an impression on me that lasts to this day with my own garage. Of course, my garage is filled with ski and outdoor gear rather than several-thousand-dollar boat engine parts. Nevertheless, I find myself taking pride in the arrangement and overall organization.

Enter the Rocker Ski Rack, founded and designed by Peter Burns Grossmann. Instead of leaning your skis against metal shelving or placing them horizontally on top of foam-layered rods, the Rocker Ski Rack allows for you to store your skis in a vertical position without altering the natural shape of the ski. Too often now, I find myself jamming my rockered skis into racks that makes me feel as if I’m affecting the true profile. But regardless if your skis are rockered or possess full camber, the Rocker Rack keeps your skis nice and aligned in a neutral position free of profile manipulation. To boot, the spreader bars that accomodate all sorts of skis and boards also act as good hooks and pegs for gear accessories, like packs, skins, helmets, poles, etc. Rather than a cheap piece of plastic, it’s from real steel handcrafted by the man who designed it, Burns Grossman. And it’s something you’d even mount inside your house in a mudroom or somewhere, featuring a panoramic mountain silhouette cut into wood.

To learn more about the Rocker Ski Rack and purchase your new ski storage setup, check out RockerSkiRack.com.